2013-11-18 16:01:48 by BlueMode

I'll be submitting something everyday except for Saturday and Sunday. So be ready I'm getting consistent with my submissions! :)


2013-11-15 04:35:32 by BlueMode

I'm uploading now.


2012-07-29 05:23:35 by BlueMode

Someone actually favourited a thing I made. I am so happy! Thank you, (you know who you are)!

I'm back!

2012-01-28 07:03:10 by BlueMode

My pc was broken so I was away. But now I'm here and I'll have more things up soon.


2012-01-13 15:34:47 by BlueMode

for being inactive some time now but I'm having battle with my scanner now and I'm drawing something amazing so if anyone cares which I doubt there might be something soon.